Delta wave Yoga

Delta wave Yoga is a full intuitive yoga done under light transcendental mode. Delta refers to the delta brain wave or the deepest awareness of the brain. As the mind connects us with the world of concepts and ideas, so has the body an organic connection with the physical realms. 

Our body knows exactly where release is needed, which position to take and for how long. The goal of Delta Wave Yoga is the strengthening of this body connection. Through modern times this instinctive force was left behind although we see today a strong revival worldwide through diverse practices.

The more advanced yogi will reach a deep meditative state easier than others but with enough practice everyone can access the delta brain mode and reach their inner body intelligence. A strong bond allows us to tap into our primal instincts and inner strengths. The stronger the connection, the more clear the sessions will be amid both the physical and metaphysical realms.

Guidelines for Starters

After watching one of the videos online, play it again and join us through sound only by allowing your own instinct to take the lead. 

Close your eyes, put your hands on your spine at the lower back stand and take deep breaths. At this point great awareness is needed. put a hold on your mental schemes and get attuned with your body. 

Full body presence is primordial. Take your time before you start. Once you begin to feel pulsions in your spine, allow your body to swing from left to right body.

The pulsations will keep guiding you. Tthe movement will take you where the body needs to stretch. 

The whole session happens intuitively, the music takes you from one long deep stretch to the other, hanging for as long as your body needs it, breathing instinctively into any area where there is tension.

Alex Mero - Initiator

Alex Mero has been on a nomadic spiritual path since childhood. The author-world traveler is co-founder of the Quorem stillness retreats, with a range of yoga sessions and intuitive workshops. 

Inspired by the many mentors and yogis over the world, but more than anything by a particular connection with Mother Nature, Alex combines transcendental meditative states and instinctive stretching giving form to Delta Wave Yoga, a deep tissue stretching practice accessible for beginners and more advanced.

Benefits of Delta wave Yoga

1. Deep mind body connection

2; Better muscles & joints flexibility  

3; Increase of strength & balance

4; Brings calmness for the mind

5. Reduces tension, pain &  stress 

6. Mental...

6. With time emotional releases